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Creative Website Inspirations

1. Robert Leitl by atuin.media

One of the most creative web designs is the portfolio website for the developer and designer Robert Leitl. Created by atuin.media, this website presents an immersive platform that lets you get lost in the artist’s intriguing projects.

The website greets you with a short message and an animated guide on how to roam the website. Here, we can see the impressive user-friendliness of the design. Once you’re ready, you get thrown into a dark space filled with vibrant visual teasers of the client’s past works.

There’s always one circular preview in the center of your screen, equipped with a short project description and a path to explore it. You can browse these projects with your mouse or keyboard arrows, both prompting cool visual effects.


GENUSSFABRIK is another great example of some of the most imaginative web designs. Built by MOREMEDIA, this project combines a serious and elegant black-and-grey background with a more laid-back yellow used to point out the most vital data.

The landing page begins with a graffiti-like font style that spells out the brand’s tagline next to a yellow smiley face. The hamburger menu supports the urban, lenient atmosphere. Once clicked, it displays the several pages you can explore in the same graffiti typeface across a black screen.

As you scroll down, the design switches its background color between dark and off-white. The monochromatic appeal is continually contrasted by the bright shade of yellow.

The user journey remains fun. Each scroll delivers another unexpected visual decoration that keeps the narrative exciting.

3. Dazzle Pictures by Tom Garcy

Standout Features:

  • Creative showcase reel
  • An immersive blog section
  • An exciting scrolling experience

Dazzle Pictures’ website design by Tom Garcy is grand and loud, delivering a fast-paced, exciting scrolling experience that feels like you’re inside an entertaining blockbuster.

While the content blocks appear on the screen, they’re complemented by action-packed videos in the background. There’s also a big yellow button contrasting the dominant dark hues. It’s an inviting CTA urging visitors to learn more about the production agency and explore the showcase reel.

The design provides a sticky navbar as you scroll, and one of the items on the menu is the blog section. A work of art of its own, this blog section acts like a smaller babushka doll inside a larger one with its unique style and immersive atmosphere full of dynamic elements.

4. Al Jazeera Contrast by Fuerza Studio

Standout Features:

  • An impactful video intro
  • Awareness raising personal stories
  • Three unique perspectives

Al Jazeera Contrast’s web design by Fuerza Studio is a masterful creation. This immersive project does wonders in giving disabled people a voice in three cities (New York City, Lagos, Mumbai) sharing a common issue.

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The header image displays the three cities’ buildings with a blue overlay. At the center is a woman in a wheelchair wearing a yellow sweater. Right below her is a CTA button that says, “START THE EXPERIENCE.”

As you click the button, you get to watch the daily lives of people with disabilities through their lenses. Each scroll takes you to a different city, adding a comic-book-like comment on the screen that helps you understand how affected these people are.

As the video ends, you gain access to three unique perspectives through real-life personal stories that raise awareness of the disability issue.

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